In all my years of teaching, the classic excuse for missing assignments was “the dog ate my homework.”  When a teary-eyed third grade told me that, I’d believe it.  A junior higher or middle schooler – not so much. 

Now I have my own tale to tell. 

Yesterday I received two checks in the mail for orders for my book from friends out of the area who wanted to purchase a personalized/signed copy.  Keeping the opened envelopes and checks together on the corner of my kitchen island, I knew they would serve as reminders to me to take the books to the post office Monday morning. 

Randy and I have a standing date for a beach barbecue and marshmallow roasting retreat once a week with a group of friends from church, so we packed up the cooler and headed south.  After a relaxing evening of watching the waves crash, feeding our faces, and enjoying the fellowship, we returned home.  As I was unloading the cooler, I noticed that the checks were not where I’d left them, or at least where I thought I’d left them.

The hunt began. 

I searched the kitchen, the adjoining family room, looked under the couch, and even in the refrigerator (you never know).  Had I left them on the desk in the office?  No.  How about in the bedroom or laundry room?  No luck. 

It was when I walked into the living room that my CSI persona took charge.  There on the floor was a small, shredded remnant of one of the envelopes that had delivered the checks to my door.  Hmmmm….. 

One glance at our golden retriever, Riley, told the story.  GUILTY! 

Perhaps I shouldn’t have doubted those homework tales from my CCJH or Ensign Intermediate students!

You guessed it.  Riley’s name has officially been changed.  We now own the second generation Marley.