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God's Romance

Posted by Rosemary Hines on Thursday, March 21, 2013,

I’ve never been much for romance novels. Boy meets girl, boy falls in love, boy loses girl, boy wins girl back. Beautiful people loving, leaving, and refusing to speak out or reach out at critical times, going round and round until finally one turns to other and says, “Enough.”

Recently, I offered to review a romance novel by Carrie Turansky entitled Surrendered Hearts, and something occurred to me as I finished the last chapter.

Isn’t this the story of man and God? ...

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Life of Riley

Posted by Rosemary Hines on Saturday, March 2, 2013,


Riley is our second golden retriever. We’ve fallen in love with this breed. Their sweet, playful nature makes them a pleasure to be near. Riley is no exception.

Although Riley and I are good friends, there’s no one he loves more than my husband. Randy will get down on the floor and wrestle with him evoking such response from Riley that he actually sounds like he is talking in some ancient, guttural human/dog language. Randy will typically respond with “I k...

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