I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from My Father I have made known to you. ~ John 15:15

What a mind-boggling concept that Jesus calls me friend. Me. Someone with nothing to offer Him in return. He doesn’t say I’m His friend because I’m always there for Him, help Him when He’s in need, offer Him companionship, or even stand up for Him. 

He calls me friend because of what He’s done. Not what I’ve done. Because He’s entrusted to me everything He’s learned from His Father. 

What would my life and friendships be like if I followed His lead? If I gave freely of the Father’s gifts and expected nothing in return? 

And what if I left my needs out of the equation?

When I really lean into my Best Friend, isn’t that what He asks me to do? And doesn’t He promise that, in so doing, all my needs will be met?

Here’s what I think. 

Just as God uses marriage to foreshadow the intimate, sacred relationship we will have with Him in heaven as the Bride of Christ, I think He uses our earthly friendships to give us a glimpse of the companionship we will share with Him when we see Him face-to-face. 

What a joy it will be to one day stand before Him, see His tender smile, and hear Him say, “Welcome home, friend.”

Dear Lord,
It’s nearly impossible to grasp the idea that You would call me friend. Help me embrace that truth and treasure it in my heart. As I open Your Word, may I hear Your voice teaching me Your Father’s ways. May I guard and value the earthly friendships You’ve given me, seeking to share without expecting in return, and trusting Your provisions for my every need.