I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. ~ Philippians 4:13

So I went to “boot camp” with a friend. The trainer listened carefully as I shared all my special issues — 3 bulging discs in the lower back, degenerative discs in the neck, and some shoulder/arm pain which may or may not be a pinched nerve.

Then we went to work. I mean work. We challenged muscles I didn’t even know I had. All the while, she watched me, correcting my posture and modifying my moves. She could see things in my body I could not, even as I tried to carefully copy her example.

One of my favorites was, “shoulders down.” It felt so good to release those tight places that scrunch my shoulders upward as if to carry a heavy burden. Even as I sit here typing this now, I can hear her voice. Shoulders down. And again I ease them back into place.

Today’s workout was good. It showed me what I can do. It also showed me what not to do. 

God’s Word is like that. Speaking into my life what I can do: all things through Christ, and what I must not do: be conformed to this world’s values and priorities. 

While disciplining my body will help my physical abilities and issues, disciplining my mind and spirit will profit in eternal rewards. 

As I step out into 2014, I'm sure there will be many times when I'll need God's voice to remind me. Shoulders down. Look at Me. This is the Way. Walk in it. 

Boot camp for the soul = prayer and thanksgiving, worship, fellowship, His Word, and a listening heart. I'm ready. Anyone want to come along?

Dear Lord,
May I stretch my spiritual muscles in new ways this year and find in You, and You alone, the strength to do what You place before me. May I listen to the still small voice as Your Spirit guides and corrects me each step of the way.