I have just received word that my complimentary copies of Out of a Dream are on their way for my final inspection!  My excitement is coupled with nervous anticipation.  After more than 15 years, I will finally hold my first novel in my hands. The vision for this story was a gift from God and it is to Him that I commit the results of this endeavor.  May He use Michelle's story (much of which is my own story) to open eyes, touch lives, and turn hearts toward Him.  If even one person finds comfort or direction from this tale, it will have been well worth the journey.  

As I prepare to launch Michelle into the world of readers, I am eagerly refining the next part of her story.  Book two of the Sandy Cove Series will reveal new struggles, hopes, and dreams that will deepen Michelle's spirituality and mature her faith.

Stay tuned for the pending release of Out of a Dream, to be announced in the next week or two!