Ephesians 5:31-32

It’s a great mystery, but we the church are called the bride of Christ. One day we will meet Him face-to-face and will discover a new level of intimacy that is foreshadowed in a marriage relationship on earth.

Weddings always make me cry. Watching two hearts come together and wrap ribbons of love around each other in the presence of family and friends is such a joyous time. I love to watch the expressions on the bride’s face as she walks toward her man and on the groom’s as he gazes at her beauty. The kiss that seals their vows brings a spirit of rejoicing and hope for a happily ever after life of loving and serving each other.

But one of my very most favorite parts of the wedding celebration is the bride and groom dance. In each other’s arms they sway to the music of their song and it is as if the world doesn’t exist for those brief moments in time. It’s just the two of them ~ the prince and princess at the ball.

Although some Christian denominations frown on dancing, the Bible tells of old testament men and women, including King David – a man after God’s heart – dancing as a form of worship. Psalm 150:4 even commands us to praise Him with dancing.

One day as I reflected on what it would be like to dance with Jesus – that sweet intimate dance of the bride and groom – God spoke a truth into my spirit. If you want to dance with Jesus, you have to let Him lead.

Wow! Of course we know we’re to follow Him as He guides and directs us in life. But suddenly that took on new meaning for me. A new perspective on what it feels like to really surrender.

Later that day, as I was stressing over something in my life and trying to solve it on my own, I felt Jesus tapping me on the shoulder.

“Did you want to sit this one out?” His spirit asked mine.

And suddenly I realized something. When I’m stressed and worried, I’ve stepped out of the dance, the one where He is leading and I am allowing His strong arms and hands to guide me.

“No, Lord. Hold me close and let’s keep dancing.” I closed my eyes and was back in His arms, swaying to the tempo of His heartbeat, and relaxing into His leading in my life.

Dear Lord,

My life is like a continuous dance, sometimes slow and graceful, other times fast-paced and noisy. Help me to remember that You are in the dance with me and want to lead me every step of the way.