Writing fiction is a journey into the imagination.  It gives me the opportunity to look at life through the lens of someone else.  As my characters take on their own personalities and face their own challenges and decisions, they begin to tell me the story I had set about to write myself.  They come to life in my mind and begin to act and react in ways that I sometimes understand and applaud and other times cause me to cringe.  Their journey plays itself out in my mind like watching a movie on the silver screen.  They become my friends and I find myself rooting for them, thinking about them throughout the day, and cheering for their successes and growth.

My prayer is that my readers will glean wisdom from the choices my characters make, and that they will see application of the story to their own lives.  We are all on a journey toward God's plan for us.  Some of us find it, some resist Him and miss out.  If my characters' lives nudge my readers toward Him, they have accomplished their role.